The Director for development of the collections and the Assistant Director are responsible for drawing up and implementing the acquisition and enhancement policy in respect of the library’s recent printed collections (monographs and periodicals) and electronic collections.  They coordinate the scientific policy applied by the curators responsible for acquisitions; in this context, they help in selecting what is to be digitised and run the research programmes set up by the BNU and its outside partners.  Lastly, they manage the annual budget for the BNU’s acquisition of documents (€1 050 000 in 2011).

The Director is joint chief editor of the library’s half-yearly publication entitled La Revue de la BNU.

The Director and his curators also take an active part in formalising the BNU’s cultural policy, more particularly by curating a number of exhibitions, and participate in regional, national and international networks for using and enhancing the collections, and work in favour of coherency of the BNU’s policy with that of its partners.

The current Director for development of the collections is Dominique Grentzinger.  The Assistant Director is Jérôme Schweitzer.

103 Director for development of the collections
Dominique Grentzinger
03 88 25 28 21







Assistant Director
Jérôme Schweitzer
03 88 25 28 44

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