The Directorate of Services to the Public manages the public areas (reading rooms at the Rue Fischart and Rue Joffre sites) and the non-heritage stacks (Rue Joffre, Rue Fischart and storage space in Entzheim); it also deals with receiving the public, the registration of users, inter-library lending, and bibliographic information on the spot.

The Director and his Assistant are responsible for supervising the teams working in the stacks.  As part of the “New BNU” architectural project, they operate a shuttle system between the various storage sites so that users can be provided with documents.  They monitor the statistics for people visiting the library and use of all the services under its responsibility, setting up public surveys.

The current Director of Services to the Public is Christophe Cassiau-Haurie.

His Assistant is Françoise Durrive.

Director of Services to the Public
Christophe Cassiau-Haurie
03 88 25 28 33




76 Assistant to the Director of Services to the Public
Françoise Durrive
03 88 25 28 58

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