Alsace - the "beautiful garden of France" - still offers a wide variety of gardens and parks, including the Wesserling Park in Mulhouse and the rose garden in Saverne.
They present an exceptional botanical heritage that is the result of the prosperity of botanical science in the nineteenth century, sometimes supported by the great industrialists who were laying out their residences at the time. Examples are to be found in the industrial valleys of the Vosges.
Not only does the beauty of the plants and trees inspire lovers of flowers, trees and landscapes; in addition, the gardens constitute an object of multidisciplinary interest for scientists. Visiting and studying a garden provokes many questions in various areas, not only in connection with geography, the soil, climates, plants and their history, and agricultural and botanical production, but also architecture, geometry, the history of art, differing tastes and mentalities, sociology and the history of ideas, and even regional planning.

Books published recently on gardens in Alsace meet on the one hand the practical needs of lovers of plants and trees, and on the other the historical and scientific aspects of this fascinating subject.

Les jardins en AlsaceLes jardins en Alsace

Jardins en Alsace: quatre siècles d'histoire / Regional department of the General Inventory of the Cultural Heritage; texts by Clémentine Albertoni, Marie-Hélène Bénetière, Jean-Marie Blaising et al.; photographs by Claude Menninger, Frantisek Zvardon, Christophe Hamm et al., Lyon 2010
Available at the BNU (pressmark M.48.616)

Further reading:

Borens, Liliane: Jardins de charme en Alsace, Strasbourg 2011
On order; available soon at the BNU

Borens, Liliane: Jardins d'Alsace, Strasbourg 2003
Available at the BNU (pressmark M.47.090)

Borens, Liliane: Un art de vivre entre plaine et montagne. Every aspect of gardens in Alsace and the Vosges displayed in one superbly illustrated volume. Strasbourg 2005. Available at the BNU (pressmark M.47.405)

Gauer, Alain and Roehrig, Gabriel: Parc de Wesserling. Enhancement of the heritage constituted by the Wesserling Park by setting up a multiple vocation centre. Strasbourg 1989.
Available at the BNU (pressmark M.141.503)

Lauter, Jean-Paul: Plaisirs du jardinage en Alsace. L'almanach pratique de Jean-Paul le Jardinier, Strasbourg 1999. Available at the BNU (pressmark M.149.922)

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