The ten projects within the project

Apart from maintaining its services, the BNU has set itself a schedule of ten projects to carry out in parallel with the architectural project, more particularly with the re-opening in January 2014 in mind.

1. Developing a digital library, in conjunction with the reworking of the BNU's Internet site (end of 2010).

2. Pooling the documentary resources of the Strasbourg site, particularly in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg.

3. Developing extended opening hours.

4. Preparing the 200 000 works concerned for free access.

5. Preparing the heritage collections both intellectually and materially with a view to presenting them in the visitable reserve stacks and historic stores (6th and 7th floors in the east wing).

6. Processing and enhancing the Council of Europe collection, donations and deposits.

7. Continuing (and completing) the collection stocktaking operations, involving both series reconditioning and catalogue updating.

8. Completing work on retro-conversion (works acquired pre-1920).

9. Continuing the cultural action policy and publication of the Revue de la BNU (issue no.3 in April 2011), and the BNU extra muros.

10. Inclusion in the Rhine area of higher education accompanying a strengthening of relations with eastern Europe (the Baltic states and Russia).

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