Directorate of Services for the Public

The Directorate of Services for the Public is responsible for the departments in contact with the public, the shuttle service, and inter-library borrowing.

Inter-library borrowing service

The BNU takes part in inter-library borrowing, a service that enables a network of libraries in France and elsewhere to request and supply documents (originals or photocopies).

Shuttle service

To enable readers to obtain documents reasonably quickly, the BNU has set up a shuttle service which carries items from the various storage areas where the BNU's works are kept. This means that all BNU documents can be made available at the various lending desks in Rue Joffre and Rue Fischart in less than 24 hours.

Director and Assistant Director

The Directorate of Services to the Public manages the public areas (reading rooms at the Rue Fischart and Rue Joffre sites) and the non-heritage stacks (Rue Joffre, Rue Fischart and storage space in Entzheim); it also deals with receiving the public, the registration of users, inter-library lending, and bibliographic information on the spot.

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