Directorate of the Information System

The Directorate of the Information System is responsible for management of the IT Resources Centre and the retro-conversion and cataloguing departments.


Retrospective conversion (or retro-conversion) involves the BNU's original collections, i.e. the collections of works constituted between 1871 and 1920. Based on the input of a million cards, this substantial operation has been entrusted since 2006 to an outside service provider who works directly in SUDOC. The Retro-Conversion Unit provides quality control and ensures the programme runs smoothly.

Cataloguing and SUDOC

The Cataloguing Department has a staff of nine people, who handle current acquisitions in SUDOC. The notices are then put back into the BNU's bibliographic database; this represents the addition of more than 25 000 references to our catalogue each year.

IT Resources Centre

The IT Resources Centre ("CRI") has a staff of five, including one librarian who is the administrator of the Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).

Director and Assistant Director

The Director of the Information System and his Assistant are responsible for the security and the development of the BNU's IT tools. They are in charge of the functioning of the computerised catalogue and its enrichment, and for its incorporation in the general catalogue for higher education in France ("SUDOC").
At the same time, they ensure the maintenance and technical development of the BNU's Internet site.

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