'Training and Internal Communication' mission

The Training and Internal Communication mission ensures that the library’s professional training plan is drawn up and implemented, particularly with respect to preparing staff for competitive civil service examinations, and is also responsible for circulating information to members of staff.
The BNU has many partners for the professional training of its staff, including URFIST in Strasbourg, the “Médial” regional training centre for library careers (CRFCB) in Nancy, Strasbourg University, the information and library sciences college (ENSSIB) in Lyon, the education office for the Strasbourg academic district, the regional administration institute (IRA) in Metz, etc.

The department is also responsible for coordinating the drafting of the BNU’s annual activity report.

The person in charge of the mission is currently Susie Dumoulin.

Susie Dumoulin
03 88 25 28 50

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