As head of the New BNU mission, Pierre Louis, general curator, is the main contact for the contracting authority (education office for the Strasbourg academic district) and the contract supervisor (Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés and Christophe Bottineau, senior architect for historic monuments).

He reports to the Administrator and to the Board of Administration on the progress of preparatory work and work on the site.

He organises concertation within the BNU (studies and summaries of the departments’ desiderata) and coordinate the studies and plans for the functioning of the New BNU:

- reception and services for the public;
- management of the collections (free access and stacks);
- equipment and furniture.

Lastly, he ensures documentary supervision on the evolution of supply and demand in terms of university documentation, public policies (academic and cultural), and access to information on-line in France and elsewhere.

Pierre Louis
03 88 25 28 16

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