Alongside the four Directorates, the General Secretariat is one of the five main departments at the BNU.  It is headed by the Secretary General, selected from among the body of academic administrative advisors; he handles matters concerning human resources, financial affairs, the technical and logistics aspects of the institution, and maintenance of the buildings.He is also responsible for setting up and monitoring public contracting procedures, and is assisted in this task by the Comptroller.

The General Secretariat is also responsible for preparing budget documents for submission to the Board of Administration.

While the New BNU site is under way, the General Secretariat will be supervising the removal of documents and equipment from the République building.

Laurent Masson is the BNU’s current Secretary General; he is assisted by Pascale Viauzelange (Assistant Secretary General).


Laurent Masson
03 88 25 28 05



Pascale Viauzelange
03 88 25 28 41

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