Administrator and Assistant Administrator

The purpose of the association of friends of the BNU (Association des Amis de la BNU - AABNU) is to bring together everyone (general public, users, institutions, library and documentation professionals) who has the desire to participate in the development of this great public establishment, which is the second most important library in France.
The BNU is headed by an administrator chosen from among the library’s curators and appointed by the Minister with responsibility for higher education and research.
He may officiate for two terms of office, of five years each.

He is assisted in his functions by an Assistant Administrator.  The 1926 Decree instituting the library as a national public institution of an administrative nature lays down that the officer in charge of the library shall bear the title of Administrator.
The Administrator chairs the management meeting of directors, the secretary general and his Assistant and the Mission managers.  With the support of the Board of Administration, he defines the library’s policy: documentation, external relations, representation, cultural action, etc.  He submits the library’s budget to the Board of Administration, and is accountable to the Board for it.

Albert Poirot, general curator, has been Administrator since 2006.  He is currently serving his second term of office.  The Assistant Administrator is Christophe Didier.

Albert Poirot
03 88 25 28 11


Christophe Didier

03 88 25 28 40




Since the creation of the library in 1871, there have been eighteen Directors or Administrators:

Directors (from 1870 to 1926)

Karl August Barack, 1871-1900
Julius Euting, 1900-1909
Georg Wolfram, 1909-1918
Samuel Landauer, 1918 (acting)
Charles Klein, 1918-1919 (acting)
Ernest Wickersheimer, de facto 19 February 1919-23 March 1920, then in an official capacity 1920-1926

Administrators (since 1926)

Ernest Wickersheimer, 1926-1950 (in Clermont-Ferrand for the period 1941-1945)
Albert Schmitt-Claden, 1940-April 1941 (in Strasbourg)
Karl Julius Hartmann, 1941-1945 (in Strasbourg)
Maurice Piquard, 1950-1953
Georges Collon, 1953-1959
Norbert Schuller, 1959-1974
Jean Sansen, 1975-1978
Lily Greiner, 1978-1988
Michel Boisset, 1988-1992
Gérard Littler, 1992-2002
Bernard Falga, 2002-2005
Catherine Donnadieu-Trocmé, October-December 2005 (acting)
Albert Poirot, since 2006

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