April 2011 - Neuhof, part of Strasbourg

The names of some parts of the city just sound bad. Areas with a bad reputation, caused as much by partitioning as by ignorance on the part of the other inhabitants. Areas like Neuhof, in Strasbourg. Yet the authors of this book (Sabine Bossuet, Régis Guillaume and Vincent Viac) remind us that Neuhof is indeed part of Strasbourg. They asked the local inhabitants to talk about where they live, evoking their happiest - and not so happy - reminiscences. In it we discover bright colours, positive values, and hope. Uncompromisingly, the local residents also take a clear look at what is wrong with the area. They remember the tensions, the places they think are ugly, their regrets, and the values that should not be passed on to future generations. The book includes very many photographic portraits and images of the area; by letting the local residents and the anonymous people who are all part of the social fabric speak for themselves, we discover a living, human neighbourhood far removed from the usual clichés.

Le Neuhof, un quartier dans Strasbourg
by Sabine Bossuet, Régis Guillaume and Vincent Viac
Les Petites Vagues, 2010
Available at the BNU; pressmark: M.84.432


Further reading:

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Editions Place Stanislas, 2010
Available at the BNU; pressmark: M.48.278

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