Alsace-related item of the month

Each month the BNU presents a particularly interesting Alsace-related item, either contemporary or old.

February 2011 - Contes et Légendes d'Alsace, by Roger Maudhuy

They have been the stuff of dreams for generations of Alsatians and continue to feed the imagination. "They" are the legends of Alsace, the subject of a number of publications in recent months(*).

March 2011 - Die Revolution als Schwester des Krieges, by Donatus Düsterhaus

The history of Alsace is a constant preoccupation for historians. Very many studies have been devoted to this frontier region, fought over by France and Germany throughout history.

April 2011 - Neuhof, part of Strasbourg

The names of some parts of the city just sound bad. Areas with a bad reputation, caused as much by partitioning as by ignorance on the part of the other inhabitants. Areas like Neuhof, in Strasbourg.

May 2011 - Gardens in Alsace

Alsace - the "beautiful garden of France" - still offers a wide variety of gardens and parks, including the Wesserling Park in Mulhouse and the rose garden in Saverne.
They present an exceptional botanical heritage that is the result of the prosperity of botanical science in the nineteenth century, sometimes supported by the great industrialists who were laying out their residences at the time. Examples are to be found in the industrial valleys of the Vosges.

June 2011 - Landscapes of Alsace and elsewhere

Are all the museums of Alsace in on the plot? You might be forgiven for thinking so if you take a look at the current exhibitions at the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar and the Fine Arts Museum in Strasbourg. What they have in common is landscapes.

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