Treasure of the month

Each month the BNU presents an exceptional item or group of items in its collections (donation, deposit, purchase, etc) that reflects the wealth and diversity and this very special institution.

January 2011 - the Rector's collar of office

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, the BNU received the deposit of the "Rector's chain", in other words the collar of office of the Rector and Chancellor of the Universities of Strasbourg. It was entered in the inventory under number 14 308 on 8 July 1950.

January 2011 - the Erckmann-Chatrian collection

Although Emile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian were both originally from Lorraine, most of their works offer a reflection of Alsace, the "charming province" particularly close to Erckmann's heart - his mother's family had roots in the northern hilly part of Alsace.

February 2011 - Johann Fischart's Gargantua

Johann Baptist Friedrich Fischart (1546-1590) was one of the first great writers in the German language. He wrote about forty books, including translations, satirical writings, epic poems, treatises, religious pamphlets, and romances.

March 2011 - Binding of a special edition of the Fioretti

The Fioretti is the best known and most popular work about St Francis of Assisi.

April 2011 - Ostracon no.1042 in demotic Greek

Very occasionally, ostraca (1) carry drawings. This item shows a man holding two dogs on a lead

May 2011 - Théophile Schuler's alphabet

Théophile Schuler is known more particularly for his illustrations of a number of works by Jules Verne, Victor Hugo and Erckmann-Chatrian, but he was also the author of an admirable and highly innovative illustrated alphabet,

June 2011 - unique edition of Richardson's "Lettres Anglaises"

One of the BNU's many treasures is a unique edition (called a "unicum") of Richardson's Lettres Anglaises, prefaced by Diderot.

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