Centre for Germanic Studies

The Centre for Germanic Studies (Centre d'Etudes Germaniques - CEG) was created in Mainz in 1921 to enable civil servants working with the occupying troops and members of their families to prepare for university examinations at Strasbourg University. The Centre was transferred to Strasbourg in 1930, at the time of the evacuation of the Rhineland, and became an inter-university institute for training cadet officers in the reality of neighbouring Germans. It fulfilled this role until the end of the 1960s, when it became a multidisciplinary research centre in association with the CNRS.

The documentary collections constituted by the Centre over the years comprised about 17 000 monographs and nearly 300 periodicals, three-quarters of which were in German, and mainly covering the arts and human sciences, connected in some way to the Germanic cultural area.

When the Centre ceased operation in 2002, its documentary collection, which at the time was jointly owned by the Robert Schuman University, the "Revue d’Allemagne" and the CNRS, was donated to the BNU, which was thereby able to add to its own collections more than 11 000 works and 230 periodicals. The collection is still being processed, and its contents are gradually being added to the BNU's collections.

The three universities in Strasbourg, the Alsace Inter-University Centre for Human Sciences and the CNRS are also continuing their multidisciplinary research on the Germanic cultural area within the "Germanic Worlds" Scientific Interest Group. The foundations for this research include the documentary resources of the specialist centre for "Germanic Studies" at the BNU.


Catalogue of the Centre for Germanic Studies

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