Aulularia plautina, comediarum lepidissima, quae etsi incompleta, a Codro Urceo tamen est perfecta, cum familiari explanatione is a work by the famous Plautus. The document is an in-octavo (in-8°) imprint produced in Strasbourg in 1514 by the printer Lazare Schürer. The pages were not numbered. The binding is contemporary. The work was incorporated in the BNU's collections under the pressmark R.105.625.

Aulularia plautina pdtAulularia plautina pdt

This edition of The Pot of Gold (Aulularia) by Plautus has been supplemented by Antonio Urceo ("Codro Urceo"), the Italian humanist of the late fifteenth century. The play itself prefigures Molière's famous 'L'Avare' (The Miser), but itself refers back to a lost Greek comedy. The subject is that of the miser; here the pot takes the place of Molière's moneybox. There are copious comments on the Latin text, probably by Mathias Ringmann. Two prefatory poems, one by Johannes Hiso, from Baden, and the other by Philesius, the pseudonym of Mathias Ringmann, the famous Alsatian humanist, form an introduction in Latin to the text of the play.
Our copy contains copious notes in German in the margins and between the lines, probably dating from the sixteenth century. This work is thus a real witness to the work of Rhineland humanism.

The book is decorated with numerous ornate letters engraved on wood.

Aulularia plautinaAulularia plautina

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