Tristan von Lonnois: ein Drama in 5 Acten

This manuscript, entitled Tristan von Lonnois : ein Drama in 5 Acten, is on 87 sheets. Sheet 12 has been torn out, but luckily this has not created a gap in the text. The document was written by Erik Ernst Schwabach, who was born in Kronstadt (Hungary) in 1891 and died in London in 1938.
The work was incorporated in the BNU's collections under the pressmark MS.6.923. The binding is of cloth, with the title and the author's name marked on the front cover.
Includes numerous corrections and additions in another hand. Working copy.

Tristan von Lonnois pdtTristan von Lonnois pdt
At the start and at the end, two reproductions of drawings of ruined castles have been added to the volume by the author.

Tristan von Lonnois pageTristan von Lonnois page
Schwabach is better known for his role as publisher and patron of the arts than for his literary successes. He was editor of Weissen Blätter, an expressionist journal subsequently headed by René Schickelé.
This work for theatre was never published.

Tristan von Lonnois dessinTristan von Lonnois dessin

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