Most recent heritage acquisitions

In addition to its ordinary acquisitions of contemporary items, the BNU also acquires a number of heritage documents that correspond to its missions, in order to supplement its existing collections: Alsace and works printed in Alsace from the sixteenth century to date, iconography and cartography, European issues, etc. We present here a number of our most remarkable recent acquisitions.

Europe's printed memory - a new treasure in Strasbourg

In 2010, the BNU was able to acquire from a private collector an exceptional collection of 4 156 posters on the subject of Europe - not only on its construction, the functioning of its institutions, and the related elections, but also on the use made of it in advertising, the media in general, and the cinema. In addition to the great variety of themes, there is also a wide linguistic range - virtually all the EU countries are represented in the collection.

Evangeliorum et epistolarum textus

The full title of this document is Evangeliorum et epistolarum textus cum breviusculis conclusionibus, and it was acquired recently. It is the work of Hermannus Torrentinus, who was born sometime in the fifteenth century and died in 1520.

Aulularia plautina

Aulularia plautina, comediarum lepidissima, quae etsi incompleta, a Codro Urceo tamen est perfecta, cum familiari explanatione is a work by the famous Plautus.

Tristan von Lonnois: ein Drama in 5 Acten

This manuscript, entitled Tristan von Lonnois : ein Drama in 5 Acten, is on 87 sheets.

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