The presence of an Egyptology Institute at Strasbourg University meant that, from the outset, the BNU needed to constitute an Egyptology collection. Apart from the participation, and indeed the management, of the German Papyrus Cartel, the library's curators acquired collections of important documents in the field of Egyptology and took part in research carried out by academics. The papyrology collections held by the BNU are very eloquent witness to this. The presence of a specialist Egyptology collection is nevertheless the result of the purchase in 1960, using war compensation, of the collection of Canon Etienne Drioton, who was a field archaeologist and director of the French School of Oriental Archaeology in Cairo in the mid-twentieth century. The collection includes both books and manuscripts from Canon Drioton's collection. Items in the collection may be consulted at the library, during the opening hours for the Reading Room at the Joffre site.

Among its most valuable collections, the BNU holds a not inconsiderable number of Egyptian objects, and these are to be promoted in the near future.

Manager of the Egyptology collections:
Gisela Bélot
tel.: +33 (0)3 88 25 28 32

Manager of Reserve Stack:
Daniel Bornemann
tel.: +33 (0)3 88 25 28 20

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