Philosophy, psychology, education

The number of works relating to philosophy, psychology and education is currently estimated at 270 000 volumes. In 1920 the old part of the collection contained about 27 000 volumes for philosophy, 35 000 volumes for education and 4 000 volumes for psychology.
The old collections contained many valuable editions of philosophical texts, including:
several seventeenth century editions of the works of Descartes, many editions of the texts of Spinoza (including a number of seventeenth century editions). Leibniz is also well represented (seventeenth and eighteenth century editions), as well as the philosophers of the Enlightenment in editions of the time, but the philosopher with the highest profile in the collection is without a doubt Kant (eighteenth and particularly nineteenth century editions).

The education collection includes a very interesting collection of textbooks (3 642 titres), mainly German from the nineteenth century, an important collection of works on education (about 6 000 titles), and a collection of books for children (664 titles).
In the early collections on education, most of the works are in German, although the proportion in French and English is not insignificant.

Current acquisitions

The library currently purchases about 500 monographs a year on philosophy (of which 30% in languages other than French) and subscribes to 57 periodicals; for psychology the figures are about 300 monographs and 37 periodicals, and for education about 200 monographs and 20 periodicals.

There are a number of areas of special interest in these acquisitions:

  • contemporary philosophy
  • German philosophers
  • ancient philosophy
  • psychoanalysis
  • comparative studies on education (Europe, United States, Africa, etc)

Link: Latest acquisitions

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