The Administration brings together all the services surrounding the institution's Administrator: the general secretariat, the 'New BNU' mission, the 'Training and Internal Communication' mission, the 'Cultural Action' mission, and International Relations & External Communication.

'ARC' mission

This department ensures the drafting and implementation of cultural programming, the development of partnerships, and making the most of the library’s activities; it is headed by a curator answerable to the Administrator for matters involving cultural action, international relations and external communication.

'Training and Internal Communication' mission

The Training and Internal Communication mission ensures that the library’s professional training plan is drawn up and implemented, particularly with respect to preparing staff for competitive civil service examinations, and is also responsible for circulating information to members of staff.

'New BNU' mission

As head of the New BNU mission, Pierre Louis, general curator, is the main contact for the contracting authority (education office for the Strasbourg academic district) and the contract supervisor (Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés and Christophe Bottineau, senior architect for historic monuments).

General Secretariat

Alongside the four Directorates, the General Secretariat is one of the five main departments at the BNU.  It is headed by the Secretary General, selected from among the body of academic administrative advisors; he handles matters concerning human resources, financial affairs, the technical and logistics aspects of the institution, and maintenance of the buildings.

Administrator and Assistant Administrator

The purpose of the association of friends of the BNU (Association des Amis de la BNU - AABNU) is to bring together everyone (general public, users, institutions, library and documentation professionals) who has the desire to participate in the development of this great public establishment, which is the second most important library in France.
The BNU is headed by an administrator chosen from among the library’s curators and appointed by the Minister with responsibility for higher education and research.
He may officiate for two terms of office, of five years each.

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