Board of Administration

The Decree of 15 January 1992 amended by the Decree of 8 September 2010 gave the BNU a new Board of Administration, comprising 29 elected or co-opted members, who are natural or legal persons, plus a further 11 members with consultative status.
The Chairman of the BNU's Board of Administration is Jacques Le Rider.

Ex officio members
-Dominique Arot, Dean of the General Inspectorate of [French] Libraries, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Administration
-Jagland Thorbjorn, Secretary General of the Council of Europe
-Alain Beretz, President of the University of Strasbourg (UdS)
-Alain Brillard, President of the University of Upper Alsace (UHA)
-Horst Hippler, President of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), President of EUCOR
-Roland Ries, Member of the French Senate and Mayor of Strasbourg
-Jacques Bigot, Chairman of the Strasbourg urban community (CUS)
-Philippe Richert, French Minister with responsibility for local authorities, President of the Alsace Region
-Guy-Dominique Kennel, President of the General Council of the Bas-Rhin département
-Charles Buttner, President of the General Council of the Haut-Rhin département
-Frédéric Hartweg, representing the Chapter of St Thomas in Strasbourg

Elected members of the University of Strasbourg (UdS)
-Christian Grappe, professor at the Faculty of Protestant Theology
-Danièle Grosheny, lecturer in geology
-Céline Pauthier, lecturer in law
-Benoît Tock, professor of medieval history

Elected members - scientific staff of the BNU
-Françoise Durrive, curator
-David-Georges Picard, curator
-Madeleine Zeller, curator

Elected members - administrative staff of the BNU
-Sandra Halter, member of non-teaching staff
-Dmitry Kudryashov, member of non-teaching staff
-Martine Streicher, member of non-teaching staff

People active in culture and science
These two members are appointed by the Chief Educational Officer of the Strasbourg Regional Education Authority on a proposal from the Administrator of the BNU.
-Jacques Le Rider, Director of Studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
-Denis Louche, Director of cultural affairs, Alsace Region

People active in culture and science
These two members are designated by the Board of Administration of the BNU.
-Jean-Sébastien Dupuit, General Inspector for cultural affairs
-Michel Fichant, Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne

-Lucien Braun, President of the Université Populaire Européenne
-Albert Châtelet, President of the Association of Friends of the BNU

Representative of the Minister for higher education and research
-Armande Le Pellec Muller, Rector of the University of Strasbourg (UdS), Chancellor of the universities of Alsace

Student representatives appointed by the University of Strasbourg (UdS)
-Romaric Devidal, Union Nationale des Etudiants de France (French national students union)
-Arnaud Willem, chairman of the Strasbourg general federative association of students

Members with consultative status
-Albert Poirot, Administrator of the BNU
-Christian Mure, Financial Controller
-Xavier Rzepka, Accountant
-Laurent Masson, Secretary General of the BNU
-Frédéric Blin, Director of conservation and heritage (BNU)
-Christophe Cassiau-Haurie, Director of public services (BNU)
-Christophe Didier, Director for development of the collections (BNU)
-Catherine Forestier, Director of Joint Documentation Service ('SCD') (UdS)
-Dominique Grentzinger, Director of information system (BNU)

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