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Catalogues of university libraries in Alsace

Catalogues of the media libraries of the city and urban community of Strasbourg

Access via the "Search" section to the following catalogues:

  • catalogues of Strasbourg's media libraries and community media libraries
  • catalogue of heritage collections (retro-converted part)
  • catalogues of specialist libraries (Strasbourg city museums, Zoological Museum, School of Decorative Arts, municipal and community archives)
  • >> Access the catalogues of Strasbourg's media libraries

French catalogues

  • SUDOC (Système Universitaire de Documentation - university documentation system) [also in English]
  • can be used for bibliographical searches in the collections of the libraries of universities and other higher education establishments in France. Comprises more than 9 million references from 3400 document centres, including : monographs, theses, periodicals and other documents.

    Click here to download the instructions [in French] compiled by URFIST, Strasbourg or call up the SUDOC aid menu.

  • CALAMES (CAtalogue en Ligne des Archives et Manuscrits de l'Enseignement Supérieur - online catalogue of archives and manuscripts in French university and research libraries) [also in English]
  • brings together catalogues of archives and manuscripts in higher education establishments. It includes the general catalogue of manuscripts held in public libraries in France (volumes XLVII and L of which are devoted to the BNU).
  • The online catalogues of the French national library (Bibliothèque Nationale de France - BnF)
    • BN-Opale Plus [in French only]
    • BN-Opale Plus (BnF) contains most of the references for documents kept on all BnF sites.
    • Access to online catalogues [also in English]
    • can be used to search collections of manuscripts (oriental and western) and documents printed in non-Roman writing.
    • French collective catalogue (Catalogue Collectif de France - CCFr) [in French only]
    • for one-stop access to three French catalogues: BN-Opale Plus, SUDOC, and the catalogue of the old (pre-1811) or local collections of municipal and specialist libraries.

Foreign catalogues

  • Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog KVK [also in English]
  • allows the simultaneous search of many catalogues and collective catalogues of libraries in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and national libraries and collective catalogues of other countries, as well as five commercial catalogues of online booksellers. This means it can provide access to more than 100 million records for books and journals. Interface in German or English.
  • EUCOR-OPAC [also in English]
  • allows bibliographical searches on books and journals in the libraries of the European Confederation of Upper Rhine Universities (EUCOR - Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Basle, Freiburg, Karlsruhe).
  • British Library Integrated Catalogue
  • contains more than 10 million documents (books, music scores, periodicals) representing all the printed collections and the maps and plans held by the British Library.

Other library catalogues

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