A word about 'Alsatica'
The portal  is intended to serve as a one-stop access portal  for the greatest possible number of documentary resources present in municipal, local and university libraries, documentation centres, and archives throughout Alsace.

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Searches, directory, and news about books in Alsace
Setting up this umbrella portal makes it possible to make better use of these resources by allowing a simultaneous search of the catalogues and databases of all the partners contributing to the project.

'Alsatica' also aims to promote the region's public and private stakeholders in the book chain and present their news.
All the players in the book chain in Alsace are concerned, from the creators of content (writers, illustrators, etc) to librarians and archivists, including printers, translators, publishers, bookbinders and bookshops.

'Alsatica' offers the regular publication of news and special features on books in Alsace: lectures, events, trade fairs, publications, portraits of professionals in the world of books, etc. The sections entitled 'Actualités du livre en Alsace' and 'Les Dossiers Alsatica' [in French] will keep you informed about everything to do with books and knowledge in Alsace.

Click here for the 'Alsatica' portal [in French]: - Portail des Savoirs en Alsace.

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