Reproduction and printing

Photocopy machines (black & white and colour) are available for use in the reading rooms. The machines work with a pre-paid photocopy card (prices according to quantity).

To be able to print from a computer with access to the Internet and/or to the BNU's e-resources, you need to top up a pre-paid account. This is created automatically 45 minutes after registration. You can top it up by transferring photocopy units, using the Watchdoc stations in the information room (5 Rue Joffre) and the reading room (9 Rue Fischart).

On-request digitising
The photocopying of old documents is strictly forbidden. Instead, the BNU offers on-request reproduction. You can ask a member of staff supervising the reading room, or send a request by e-mail by completing a form requesting digitisation (link for downloading below). State the exact title of the work, the year and place of publication, and which pages you wish to obtain. The digitised files can be sent to you by e-mail, by post (cost of postage not included), or you can collect your order at the reception desk at the Joffre site (on a CD-ROM). You can also ask to upload your file from our ftp server - please indicate this in your request.

You will also need to state precisely what use you intend to make of the reproductions supplied. A fee is charged for anything other than strictly personal use; the fee is charged for projects involving publication, availability on the Internet, or display. If a photograph produced by the BNU is used, it must be accompanied by the mention "Collection and photograph: BNU, Strasbourg". The BNU also requires one or two copies of the publication containing the photograph(s) supplied, for its collections.

The form for requesting reproduction work can be downloaded here; it should be returned to the following address:

National University Library - BNU
E-Library Service ("DCP")
5 Rue du Maréchal Joffre
P.O. Box 51029
67070 Strasbourg cedex

or to:

The rates are set out in the scale of rates.


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