Borrowing books

Paid-up holders of an annual card may borrow works to take home or to consult in the reading room.
BNU documents may be taken home, except for works prior to 1920, works kept in the reading rooms, unbound periodicals, and rare, precious or fragile items.

Number of documents that maya be borrowed
Holders of an annual card are entitled to borrow 10 items for 30 days. If the items have not been reserved by another user, the loan may be renewed once, for one month.
Specific conditions apply to doctorate students, members of teaching staff engaged in research, and researchers in the EUCOR network or attached to a French institution of higher education or research; they may borrow up to 20 items for 30 days, and the loan may be renewed twice.

Reserving an item that is already out on loan
An item already out on loan to another reader may be reserved; a reader may reserve two items. If the item has not been reserved by another reader and the return date has not been exceeded, it is also possible to extend the loan of an item that has been borrowed by bringing the item to the lending desk, or on-line by logging in using the reader's card number.

Collected items requested
Depending on the provenance of the item, which is indicated when submitting a request on-line, works are sent to one of the reception desks, either 5 Rue du Maréchal Joffre or 9 Rue Fischart. Items are held available for a period of five working days. Items that may not be removed from the library and may only be consulted in the reading room should be collected from the reception desk of the reading rooms at 5 Rue du Maréchal Joffre or 9 Rue Fischart.

Returning borrowed items
Borrowed items may be returned to either reception desk at 5 Rue du Maréchal Joffre or 9 Rue Fischart.

Overdue and damaged items
All users incur a fine of €0.20 per item per day for overdue items.
Users are required to replace any item that is not returned or is damaged or lost, by purchasing a replacement or by paying a flat-rate charge, the amount of which is laid down by the BNU's Board of Administration.

Suggestions for future purchases
If you would like to suggest an item the library does not have in its collections for future purchase, you may submit your proposal by clicking on Contact us.

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