Regulations governing services available to the public
during work on the New BNU

Adopted by the Board of Administration on 28 January 2011; entered into force on 1 March 2011. Having regard to Decree 92-45 of 15 January 1992 as amended on the organisation of the National University Library in Strasbourg, whereas the closure of the Place de la République site during renovation work is estimated to last forty months and two public reading rooms have been opened temporarily in the buildings located at 5 Rue Joffre and 9 Rue Fischart, the following has been decided:

Article 1
The National University Library in Strasbourg ("BNU") is a multidisciplinary research library, more particularly covering the human and social sciences. It is a public library.


Article 2
Three types of card are issued to enable readers to use the library's collections and services.
An annual lending card is issued to persons providing evidence of an address in the Alsace region, in the adjacent départements of France (Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, Territoire de Belfort), or in the Strasbourg-Ortenau Eurodistrict, to students and staff of the EUCOR universities (Strasbourg, Basle, Freiburg im Breisgau, Karlsruhe and Mulhouse), and to persons holding a card issued by one of the partner establishments linked to the BNU by a corresponding agreement (see Appendix 2).
An annual research card is issued to members of the teaching and research staff of higher education establishments, to postgraduate students attached to a French university or one within the EUCOR network, and to members of the research institutions listed in Appendix 6.  Borrowed items may be removed from the library.
A temporary card allows library documents to be consulted in the reading room, but does not allow them to be removed from the library. This card may only be issued once in any twelve-month period. It is valid for two weeks and cannot be extended. In exceptional circumstances, on duly justified request, the duration of the validity of the card may be adjusted.

Article 3
Readers' cards are issued to anyone over the age of 18 or who has passed the baccalaureate examination. If justified, this may be waived for a limited period for minors who have not passed the baccalaureate examination, under the responsibility of their legal representative.
To obtain a reader's card, users must produce a valid identity document. The following documents are accepted: national identity card, passport, driving licence, student card, French railways reduction card for a large family, residence permit.
Use of the reader's card is strictly personal. A librarian may suspend use of the card if this rule is broken, in which case the holder will be required to apply in writing to the Administrator for entitlement to use the card to be re-established.
Any change of address must be notified in writing or in person without delay.
If the card is lost or stolen, the user must notify the library in writing so that use of the card can be blocked. The user remains responsible for the use made of the card until the library has recorded the declaration of loss or theft.


Article 4
The amount of the registration fees and the various charges are laid down by the Board of Administration. They are set out in Appendix 1 to these Regulations.
Certain categories of user (see list in Appendix 2) are not required to pay the registration fee, on production of documentary evidence of their situation.
Once it has been paid, the annual registration fee cannot be refunded, even if the user changes category in the course of the year.


Article 5
The opening hours made known to the public (by means of notices, in the press and information documents, on the Internet site, etc) are set out in Appendix 3 to these Regulations. The library may alter them as necessary.


Article 6
Users are required to:
be decently attired;
conduct themselves in a manner that will not give offence to other users or to members of staff;
treat the equipment at their disposal with due care;
avoid causing any disturbance by the noise of conversation;
refrain from eating or drinking other than in areas where this is specifically authorised;
refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages;
comply with the safety instructions, particularly in the event of the alarm sounding.

No-one may enter the library on roller-skates, roller-blades or similar devices. Animals, except guide dogs for the blind, are not admitted.
The premises may not be photographed without first obtaining authorisation.

Article 7
The library cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft or personal items left unattended.


Article 8
The reading rooms may only be used by persons holding a valid reader's card, subject to the number of places available. Priority will be given to readers consulting documents that may not be removed from the library.

Article 9
The consumption of food or drink is not permitted in the reading rooms.
Users are required to:
observe silence;
switch off or mute their mobile phones;
only use equipment that does not disturb those around them;
take due care of the library's documents (no notes, highlighting, folding, turning down of page corners, mutilation of any kind whatsoever);
refrain from placing anything containing a liquid on any of the tables;
report to the staff any damage to a document
produce their reader's card for inspection by any member of the library staff who so requests;
present their bags open whenever asked to do so by staff members supervising access;
refrain from reserving seats for absent persons;
observe the specialisation designated to certain work stations;
refrain from altering the position of furnishings;
comply with the instructions for using the appliances at their disposal;
refrain from using electricity sockets reserved for service purposes (no cables in traffic areas).


Article 10
Documents freely accessible in the reading rooms may only be consulted on the spot; they may not be removed from the library.


Article 11
Requested documents are kept available for readers at the place indicated by the computer system, for five working days.
Documents to be consulted on the spot are handed over to readers in exchange for an identity document.
Certain documents are subject to specific conditions for consultation (see Appendix 4).
Article 12
Communication of a document may be refused because of its material conditions, in which case an alternative solution will be sought.
If there is a substitute document (microform, analog or digital photographic reproduction, etc), only the substitute may be consulted. The Administrator, his/her deputy, or a curator from the Directorate of Conservation and the Heritage may exceptionally authorise communication of the original, in response to a justified written request.


Article 13
The number of items that may be borrowed and lending periods are laid down as follows:
Annual borrowing card: 10 items for one month (loans may be renewed once for one month starting on the date of extension, but only if the document has not been reserved by another reader);
Research card: 20 items for one month (loans may be renewed twice for one month starting on the date of extension, but only if the document has not been reserved by another reader).
Items may not be removed from the library using a temporary card.
Minors may only remove borrowed items from the library with the authorisation of their legal representative.
To renew a loan, the user must use the library's Internet site or take the document to the home lending service. No consideration will be given to requests to renew loans made by phone, post, fax or e-mail.

Article 14
If an item is already out on loan, it may be reserved using the computer system. The library notifies the reader making the request as soon as the item is returned, and keeps it available for a maximum of eight days.
A user may reserve no more than two items at any one time.

Article 15
The following may not be removed from the library:
works prior to 1920, manuscripts, works kept in the reserve stacks;
atlases, maps and plans;
typed theses;
very large format works;
documents freely accessible in the reading rooms;
periodicals not in a binder;
publications containing loose sheets;
documents received as an inter-library loan unless authorised by the lending library (see Article 16).
The lending service may refuse to allow a document to leave the library because of its material condition.

Article 16
The library offers an inter-library lending service ("PEB" by which documents can be sent from other libraries in France or elsewhere, or reproductions obtained. A fee is charged according to the rate in force (Appendix 1).
PEB documents are made available according to the conditions laid down by the lending library (duration of loan, for consultation at the library or at home, etc), in the reading room indicated by the BNU.
This service does not cover documents in the libraries located within the Strasbourg Urban Community ("CUS").

Article 17
When borrowing an item, the user must check its condition and notify any damage noted.
Users must not under any circumstances carry out repairs to damaged items themselves.

Article 18
The library carried out an annual inventory, and is closed while this is being done.

Article 19
Any delay in returning documents incurs a penalty charge according to the rates in force (see Appendix 1). Until the reader has paid the penalty charge and returned the documents, use of his/her library card is suspended and he/she will not be able to enter the reading rooms, consult, borrow or reserve documents, renew current loans, or re-register.

Article 20
If a document is lost or damaged, the borrower is required to replace it with the same document in the same edition or to pay according to the rate in force (see Appendix 1). If part of a document or an accompanying document is lost or damaged, the entire document borrowed must be paid for or replaced.

Article 21
If a document is not returned after a third and final reminder has been sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, the library will invoice the reader for the cost of replacement according to the rates in force. The reader must settle the bill and the penalty charges for late return before he/she is allowed to use the library's services again.

Article 22
The holder of a reader's card is responsible for the items borrowed using the card, even if it is lost or stolen, until such time as the library has recorded his/her written declaration of loss or theft.
Any unlawful removal, any attempted theft or any deliberate damage to a document may result in the user being banned from using the library, and legal proceedings may also be instigated.

Article 23
The library shall issue a discharge attesting that the reader is in order with the lending services, on request.


Article 24
All reproductions are subject to compliance with the legislation in force, particularly with regard to the right to make a copy.
The conditions for reproducing documents, particularly as regard to fees, are set out in Appendix 5.
Photocopy cards and the amounts paid for making reproductions are not refundable.


Article 25
The library is a member of the Osiris regional university network, which is connected to the Renater national network. The charters of these networks may be consulted on the library's Internet site; they apply to BNU users, including during use of the WiFi terminals.
The library provides readers with free access to computer terminals. These workstations are intended for carrying out document searches.
Users are required to:
use their own password exclusively;
observe the restrictions on using the resources to which they have access;
refrain from attempting to affect the integrity of the information system.
Data in respect of connections made within the institution are retained in compliance with the legislation in force and may be communicated if a judicial authority so requests.
The specific instructions for using the free access workstations are posted in the reading rooms. Members of staff are authorised to suspend consultation by any user who fails to comply with these instructions.


Article 26
List of Appendices:
1. Registration fees and rates for services
2. Categories of users dispensed from paying registration fees
3. Opening days and times
4. Operating method for the Joffre and Fischart sites
5. Conditions for reproducing documents
6. List of the main research bodies and higher education institutions

Appendices 1 and 2 on Registration fees and rates for services and Categories of users dispensed from paying registration fees are submitted to the Board of Administration for adoption. The Administrator shall update the other Appendices, which are communicated to the Board of Administration for its information.


Article 27
Any failure to comply with the Regulations may result in exclusion from the library, and legal action under common law may be instigated. Any such decision is made by the Administrator, his/her deputy, the Secretary General, or the curators responsible for the public services. Duty staff are authorised to call on the forces of law and order in the event of service being disturbed (disorderly conduct, vandalism, theft, etc).

Article 28
The Administrator and all the members of staff are responsible, each within his/her own area, for ensuring that the Regulations are applied.

Article 29
These Regulations, approved by the Board of Administration of the BNU at its meeting held on 28 January 2011, are to take effect on 1 March 2011.

The Chairman of the Board of Administration
Dominique Arot

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