Health & Safety Register

What the Register is

The Register is a document that enables any user of the institution to report any situation deemed abnormal or actually dangerous for the safety of people and property. The Register offers users the possibility of proposing the remedies they would like to see applied, and in this way it helps the institution's Health & Safety Committee and its Board of Administration to carry out their work.

Where it is located

A Health & Safety Register is available for BNU users in each reception office (ground floor, 5 Rue du Maréchal Joffre and 9 Rue Fischart).

How to use it

The Register is available for anyone to use at any time, merely by asking at one of the reception offices. It is intended to receive entries concerning the risk of physical accident, the work environment (lighting, noise, temperature and ventilation, etc), the external environment and access to the institution, matters involving the building (internal traffic, stairways, signing of hazards, general state of the building, etc), cleanliness, and health & safety (electricity, gas, etc).

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