Alsace-related item of the month

Each month the BNU presents a particularly interesting Alsace-related item, either contemporary or old.

Treasure of the month

Each month the BNU presents an exceptional item or group of items in its collections (donation, deposit, purchase, etc) that reflects the wealth and diversity and this very special institution.

Donating documents to the BNU

Whether they are books, journals, or iconographic, artistic, musical or audiovisual documents, donations of documents by individuals and institutions are always welcome. Donations constitute valuable additions to the BNU's collections.

Centre for Germanic Studies

The Centre for Germanic Studies (Centre d'Etudes Germaniques - CEG) was created in Mainz in 1921 to enable civil servants working with the occupying troops and members of their families to prepare for university examinations at Strasbourg University.

New German books

The BNU offers its readers a selection of the latest works published in Germany. Seventy new titles are added to the collection each month by readers in the building at 9 Rue Fischart.

Conservation of the collections

The BNU has a particular role to play in terms of heritage; one of its missions is to ensure the conservation and long-term preservation of the documentary production and heritage items it acquires or that are entrusted to it.

Legal deposit

Legal deposit was instituted in France by the "Montpellier Ordinance" of 28 December 1537, and is currently governed by Act 92-546 of 20 June 1992 and its Implementing Decree No. 2006-696 of 13 June 2006

Documentary map

Since 2005, and in collaboration with the other university libraries in Alsace, the BNU has been drawing up a documentary map for higher education in the Region.

Digital library

The BNU has operated a policy of digitisation since the 1990s. It is now keen to step up the activity and make it one of its priority development areas, as stated in both the institution's project for 2009-2012 and its four-year contract for 2009-2012.


The National University Library (BNU) in Strasbourg is, by the size of its heritage collections, the second most important library in France, and the most important in the field of higher education and research. Various groups of documents are described as "heritage" collections:

Documentation centres

The BNU is a multidisciplinary library for study and research in human and social sciences.

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