Application for Discharge

A Discharge is required by the Administrative Department of Strasbourg University when a student transfers to another university.

It attests that you owe nothing to the BNU, and will be issued if you have returned or paid for everything you have borrowed and that you have no outstanding debts (late return charges, inter-library borrowing fees, administrative costs, etc).

Once you have been sent a Discharge, you will not be able to use the BNU’s services again without first re-registering.

Emergency Treatment

Quand le statut d'un ouvrage est en traitement, demander une mise à disposition rapide.

Handicapped users

The Fischart building (9 Rue Fischart) can be accessed by people with reduced mobility.

Reproduction and printing

Photocopy machines (black & white and colour) are available for use in the reading rooms. The machines work with a pre-paid photocopy card (prices according to quantity).

Inter-library borrowing ("PEB")

 The BNU takes part in inter-library borrowing ("PEB"), a service that allows a network of libraries in France and other countries to make and receive requests for the supply of documents (originals and photocopies).

Bibliographical assistance

Readers may refer to staff in two offices at the library for information and assistance with searches:
- Bibliographical information at the Joffre site. Tel.: +33 (0)3 88 25 28 34.
- Bibliographical information at the Fischart site. Tel.: +33 (0)3 88 25 28 28.

Borrowing books

Paid-up holders of an annual card may borrow works to take home or to consult in the reading room.
BNU documents may be taken home, except for works prior to 1920, works kept in the reading rooms, unbound periodicals, and rare, precious or fragile items.

Number of documents that maya be borrowed
Holders of an annual card are entitled to borrow 10 items for 30 day


Pre-registration for the library

You can now pre-register on-line.

Requests for inter-library borrowing ("PEB")

Form for requesting a loan

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