Supervised by the Assistant Director for Conservation and the Heritage, the BNU's Restoration Workshop works to protect and conserve the institution's heritage items. Apart from binding work (restoration, creation, etc), the workshop is capable of handling every type of medium and material (paper, wood, leather, etc) used for manuscripts and printed matter, whether the documents are bound or otherwise. It gives priority to handling documents from the Stacks (Western and Eastern manuscripts, incunabula, papyruses, etc) and heritage documents looked after by the Directorate of Conservation and the Heritage. The Workshop also participates in the presentation and conservation of papyruses by ensuring they are placed under glass regularly.
The Workshop is also asked to help in setting up the BNU's exhibitions (restoration of works on display, creating presentation stands), and in this way takes an active part in the scenography of the exhibitions, the proper handling of the material, and the advantageous presentation of the documents.

L'atelier de restaurationL'atelier de restauration


Watch the film about the restoration workshop.

BNU's Restoration Workshop by BNUS

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